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Group Activities

Experience and enjoy a safe and fun environment where participants can interact with others through our specifically designed Group-based activities that promote and foster independence and social participation for people with disabilities. We have scheduled various group activities such as learning to cook or bake, learning how to navigate public transport, creating arts and crafts, and other outdoor recreational activities.

Our fully committed support staff will help you enjoy your activities of interest to the fullest. Contact us for the next scheduled group activity and join the Hi Five community to celebrate each day doing something you love.

BakeAbility Day Melton! Join us for a heartwarming and inclusive baking experience designed with utmost care and consideration for individuals of all abilities. Our "Inclusive Baking Day" event aims to create a joyous environment where people with disabilities can come together to explore the art of baking, engage their senses, and savour the delicious results. Date and Location: 10:00am - 1:00pm Monday, 25th of September Dunvegan Cottage - 3A Reserve Rd, Melton VIC 3337 (Parking available) Registration: Limited spots are available for this heartwarming baking experience. Register early to secure your place at the Inclusive Baking Day event. Note to Participants: Please let us know about any specific accommodations you require to ensure we can make the necessary arrangements for your comfort. Please advise us of any dietary requirements that you have so that we can make sure that you have delicious treats to suit your needs. Come join us for a day filled with camaraderie, creativity, and mouthwatering aromas. Discover the magic of baking in an environment where diversity is celebrated, and everyone's unique abilities shine. Together, we'll create memories and confections that will warm both your heart and your taste buds. For NDIS participants, this event can either be funded through your Core or Capacity Building funding. Please reach out for more details. For more information, please email us at or call Tony on 0491 082 256. Looking forward to seeing you there