Celebrating Christmas The HI FIVE Way

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Celebrating Christmas The HI FIVE Way

Christmas is the season to be jolly. After the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, now is the best opportunity for everyone to go out to the community and experience the merry season.

Here are some suggestions to enjoy this Christmas the Hi Five way.

 Holiday Count Down

Lots of events happening left and right during the holiday season. Sometimes it might be too much for you or our participants to handle. That’s why it is important to ensure that routines are kept as much as possible and to plan with the participants how they want to celebrate and count down the days of the festive season.

 Christmas Shopping

Gift-giving and getting something new for yourself brings a great feeling. Head to your local shop where you can see all the decorations set up and lots of Christmas gift ideas. Plan the time of visit as the days become  busier and busier as December approaches. If your participant prefers to be away from the commotion, head online or at open Christmas bazaars to have a more relaxing shopping experience. It is important to have fun rather than get the shopping done.

 Wreaths, Bells, and Balls

It is always nice to have that spirit of the holidays in our home. Putting up a Christmas tree or setting up garden lights instantly sets up the mood for the season. Helping our participants put up decors if they have one or going to the nearest thrift or dollar shop to get some is a good way to bring excitement to season.

 Pamper yourself

Even though everyone is busy as bees during the season, always take time to relax and reflect on all the great things you have. Focus on positive experiences and learn from the not-so-good ones. Maybe visit your favorite salon or sip a cup of coffee with a scenic view. Whatever you decide, you make your decisions and it’s your choice.

 Enjoy the Carols

Celebrate with your local community by visiting Christmas bazaars, local weekend markets, watching community carols, or attending regular Christmas concerts that are normally free and be on the lookout for community bulletin boards for local holiday events.


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