Success Stories

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Success Stories Success Stories Sometimes there are things that stop us from achieving a quality life and reaching our full potential. But with a little help, you realise that you can do more, and you can say to yourself “I got this!” Few years ago, Aco “Alex” Risteski had a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his … Read more

New Year

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New Year Here are a few tips to get your 2023 started. Pick the top 3 goals you wish to focus on for the year. Limit your goals. Use the SMART strategy. Be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based. Remember that You Can Do It. Positive thinking helps motivate you to continue even when things … Read more


disability services in australia

CHRISTMAS CATCH UP Always have time for a break and a catch up right?! Here in Hi Five, we have a culture of celebrating every moment we can. This October, we had a great time with the team at the Slices at Caroline Springs. Our next catch-up event is on the 7th of December for … Read more


disability services in australia

THE LATEST BUZZ It’s been a couple of busy weeks for the Hi Five staff. Here is the latest buzz for you. The energy is firing high at the Paintball Teambuilding last 4th of November. The red team brings home the victory over the blue team. It was an fun and exhilarating day for all. … Read more


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MY NDIS CORNER Hi Five and the NDIS are working toward breaking down barriers and enabling people with disabilities to choose where and with whom they live. Housing and living arrangements can influence our qualityof life and can be influenced by: how close do we want to live to friends and family

Celebrating Christmas The HI FIVE Way

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Celebrating Christmas The HI FIVE Way Christmas is the season to be jolly. After the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, now is the best opportunity for everyone to go out to the community and experience the merry season. Here are some suggestions to enjoy this Christmas the Hi Five way.  Holiday Count Down Lots of events happening … Read more


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Respite Hi Five respite home is a safe, fun, and friendly place for you to stay. Here, we are very flexible with routine and we understand your specific needs and preferences.​​​​We ensure that you can CELEBRATE Life every single day. There are activities to keep you busy such as puzzles, painting, cooking, table games, to … Read more

My NDIS Corner

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My NDIS Corner What is a Support budget?  Three types of support budgets may be funded in your NDIS plan:  1. Core Supports budget The basic things you need to live in daily life. This helps you with everyday activities, your current disability-related needs, and to work towards your goals. Your Core Supports budget is the … Read more

Coffee Catch-Up Corner

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Coffee Catch-Up Corner Coffee brings you together, brings smiles, encourages chit-chat, and most especially creates new friends. We celebrated anniversaries and birthdays too, so we thank you for a wonderful afternoon.  To all our Support Workers, we hope to see you at our next coffee catch-ups! Check your Deputy posts for more details. 

We are Growing

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We are Growing We welcome 2 new Hi Five team members and they are both geared up and ready to help our participants.  Meet Asif Khattak IT professional turned to pursue his dream, of helping people. This is the highlight of Asifs career. “Since helping people is one of the most furling aspects of my career, I … Read more