We are Growing

Hi Five Community Services

We are Growing

We welcome 2 new Hi Five team members and they are both geared up and ready to help our participants. 

Meet Asif Khattak 
IT professional turned to pursue his dream, of helping people. This is the highlight of Asifs career. “Since helping people is one of the most furling aspects of my career, I sincerely hope I can continue in this field,” Asif said. 

Throughout Asifs life, he never shied away from assisting others. His wife who works in a special school inspired him to go into this field. Asif did a diploma in community services to gain knowledge about the industry and the skills that helped him help others who are not able to help themselves. 

On a personal note, Asif is a family man who loves to spend most of his time with his family.

Meet Nitisha Barbe 

Meet our newest addition to the Hi Five team. Originally from Mauritius, Nitisha has a big heart when it involves caring for others. After finishing her Australian studies in Nursing in 2009, she immediately fell in love with her role, mainly in Aged Care.

I feel very happy and blessed by what I do as a job. That is how I got to apply for this job in Hi Five” Nitisha Barbe 

One of Nitisha’s happiest moments and best achievements in her life is being a morn to her miracle baby, who is currently 4 years old.

Her dreams are to travel the world with her family and to provide the best future for her son. Being from Mauritius, Nitisha feels very proud to be a Mauritian but at the same time, she is very grateful and proud to call Australia her home too. 


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