Choo-Choo Train Adventure

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Choo-Choo Train Adventure

Going out and about with Anastasia. Social Skills Success story.

Anastasia is a young and vibrant 13 years old who is ready to enjoy life and step towards her independence. She has been with Hi Five for sometime now and has been given support in her speech and social skills. Just recently, we see Anastasia took a big leap towards her social skills goals going out and about with her support worker and friend Julie and Andrea. She did a great job on her first train ride and even independently tapping on and off with her Myki card. She beautifully executed safety measures, looking out for cars before crossing the streets.

More with a big smile, Anastasia braved herself and got to order for her lunch, pay for it and ask for a receipt. Such a great achievement !

It has been a lovely experience for Anastasia where she get to laugh and had lots of fun.

I loved my first train ride. I was careful to look for cars when crossing streets. I learnt how to tap in and tap off. I got to order of my lunch, pay for it and ask for the receipt. I talked, laughed and had a lot of fun with Julie and Andrea.


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