Living Life to the Fullest

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Living Life to the Fullest

This is how we can see the life of Jacqueline, full of energy and positive outlook from childhood to her professional years. Jacqueline has ups and downs in life but she was able to press on and never give up.

Living independently on her own, with emotional support from her family, friendship from her local church community and the NDIS assistance from Hi Five support workers, Jacqueline is able to enjoy the simple joys in life.

Jacqueline also is a social media personality specifically Facebook with lots of friends online and is savvy when it comes on surfing the net, reading forums and contributing to them. just recently, she was guest speaker in a local church, and with confidence, she presented her life story and inspired a lot of people in the congregation. Talk about confidence! Not everyone can speak in front of people! Well done to Jacqueline!

Jacqueline Hamilton is paving her way in independent living. Cooking is very close to her heart and with the support provided by Hi Five Support Worker and friends, Jacqueline can create meals from scratch!
Here’s Jacqueline prepping a Lasagna to enjoy with her support worker and friend.
Jacqueline would like to share her infamous lasagna to everyone. So here it goes.
Ingredients: 1 brown onion- diced, preferred minced meat, green and red capsicum-diced, veggies (mushrooms, pasta sauce, grated carrots, broccoli and corn, I pasta sauce (with flavors like onion or add garlic in yourself)
Cooking Instructions: Heat up the oil, fry off minced meat, when it is brown, add the veggies, add the sauce, simmer until cooked.
To make a white sauce, use your favorite cheese, butter, milk, and flour.
Construct lasagna with pasta sheets, white sauce and mince mixture alternating. Bake


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