Never Give Up

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Never Give Up

Life sometimes throws us difficult situations and we find ourselves making excuses to find our way out. It is a good thing that there are people in our lives who helps us out of these difficult situations however big the situation may seem at that time.

This is so true with the life of Alexandria Metikas. Alexandria had undergone leukemia surgery and went to rehab center early in 2022. There she learned from the rehab center team that she was never going to walk again as they completely given up on her. This may have been a devastating news but hope is always around the corner. With the recovery plan set by her Physio and with the help of her Support Workers from Hi Five towards her set goals, Alexandria never gave up. There are days and times that she needed some encouragement to push harder and needed to be motivated to continue pressing on towards her goal. But ultimately, it is her hard work and her determination that paved the way towards her goal. In six months’ time, Alexandria went from wheelchair to walking independently. She can now assist herself going around the house and go to the toilet by herself. It was a fulfilling journey. Alexandria will continue to work on her goals and one of which is to be able to attend her little nephew’s wedding in June 2023 walking without a walker. Never giving up.

“I feel very happy and more independent for achieving my goal. I feel more motivated to challenge myself more and more in setting myself new goals for the future” Alexandria Metikas.


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