Tip on Self Care

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Tip on Self Care

When going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Talk to someone

We a re not superhuman. We need others too. When going gets tough, talk to someone. Sha are how you feel, what you a re thinking or anything that bothers you.

Sometimes, telling someone how we feel can be difficuIt or challenging. For Some people, they find it easier to write their thoughts down. So, try to keep a journal.

Keep moving and eat healthy

Developing a healthy lifestyle helps you have a positive outlook in Iife. Feeling good physically makes you feel good mentally as well. 15 minuted of walking a day makes a big impact on your physical health.

Enough Sleepzzzzzz

A good 8 hours sleep not onIy helps your body recover from a day’s work, it also helps you to be more resilient to things that you may face during the day.

There are lots of self-ca re strategies may help you in managing mental health symptoms and developing effective coping strategies that are suitable for your lifestyle.

If these aren’t working, or if you’re experiencing overwhelming anxiety or depression, talk to a mental health professional or your G P.


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