Five stress buster at work

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Five stress buster at work Having too many things to do may cause you to become overwhelmed and stressed. Help yourself and plan ahead. Identify the important and urgent things first. Learn to prioritise. Highlight the tasks you need to get done first and leave the other ones for later. Practice Me TimeYou may have heard a … Read more

Working Mums

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Working Mums HI FIVE FAMILY IS GROWING with 2 new addition to our team this August 2022, Joenitha Karyee and Princess Afuang. Joenitha and Princess are both mums and each of them have 3 beautiful children. As mums, they are often masters of prioritization, multi-tasking and communication. They are incredibly resilient and adaptable, great at … Read more

Choo-Choo Train Adventure

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Choo-Choo Train Adventure Going out and about with Anastasia. Social Skills Success story. Anastasia is a young and vibrant 13 years old who is ready to enjoy life and step towards her independence. She has been with Hi Five for sometime now and has been given support in her speech and social skills. Just recently, … Read more

Your new home awaits you

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Your new home awaits you We are excited to announce that Hi Five has opened The Hub, the New Residential Respite Houses. If you are looking for a place to relax and have your own personal space in serenity, this is the best place to be. The Hub is composed of 2 brand new respite … Read more